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Oliver Lawton

The Reason Why Releasing conscious awareness Is Important

Aug 30th 2014, 1:00 am
Posted by olawton
Kundalini is the cosmic energy source, mainly present in every individual, containing nearly all individual old and future aspirations. Each individuals kundalini is different and unique and can be summoned to rise up throughout the chakras, waking up each one in turn, up until it comes into the crown chakra, at which point nirvana is obtained.

The term ‘kundalini”, in Sanskrit, translates to “coils” or “spiral”, which compares it to a snake, or serpent, which can be found coiled up while resting. In Yoga, “Kundalini Shakti” means “coiled power”, which is able to rise up, without having a great deal of problems, to come to be a one-way link to advanced awareness.

Awakening the Kundalini energy

By using Yoga exercise, meditation and breathing workouts, following strict directions, the kundalini energy can be awakened to rise up throughout the chakras, in a snake like fashion, releasing clogged energy on the way. As stored and clogged powers are discharged by kundalini, the power of the movement can at times be unpleasant, but frequently can result in emotional mind sets that will really feel “out of the world”.

Kundalini energy can also be released by the use of sound. Special sound hardware was used to capture the Kundalini Shakti audio and transform the sounds right into mind-calming exercise tunes. Playing this “Kundalini Shakti Music” will cause a feeling of relaxation and awaken you to natural conscious pleasure. Whenever serenity is awakened within you through paying attention to “Kundalini Shakti Music” you'll go into a feeling of sheer devotion in unmanifest awareness and knowledge the bliss of kundalini power as it rises up.

Every track on a Kundalini Shakti Music disc holds strands of kundalini energy in addition to some strands distinctive to the track. With each and every song you'll have a various encounter of enjoyment, for example, one track will give you a feeling of the arising of a special nurturing peace, whilst the other may appear a little more mind opening, and yet another might awaken deep peace and quiet.

When you tune in to Pure Kundalini Energy Compact Discs, a distinctive and effective serenity will emit throughout your whole existence, moving you deeper into a state of delightful joy, waking up a understanding of whom you really are. A number of the means you can utilize Kundalini Energy Music:

•Convert your rest in to happy relaxation

•Do it as a tool to awaken a healthy feeling of satisfaction and comfort at anytime and just as frequently as you are feeling the need

•Listen to it on earphones in congested shopping centers, on open public transportation, or on a flight to avoid stress and ensconce you in a bubble of serenity.

•Just take a fast 5 second break in the course of your coffee break and be changed and recharged by Kundalini Energy Music

•Enjoy it subtly in the background when there are visitors for a calming environment in which people grow to be more loving, less aggressive and more polite to each other.

•Kundalini Energy Music boosts creativity and can be used by musicians while doing work

•Utilize them in Yoga stretches or Tai Chi classes for deep meditative experiences, as well as in Acupuncture, Reiki, massage, and other healing therapies

•Kundalini Energy Music will remove psychological hinders due to stress by changing negative feelings to peace and bliss

•kundalini meditation is Helpful in clearing emotions of anxiousness, anxiety and depression

•Wake up kundalini energy in your body with Kundalin Shakti tracks

conscious awareness is existing to cure, nourish and supply an individual with a conscious awareness feeling of spirituality, with complete purity, chastity, compassion, absolute love, self value and enlightened interest in total happiness, peace and love.

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